"Nothing but the best for your horse"



We partner with people who understand the unique needs of horses and provide exceptional and reliable services.

Pegasus Veterinary Equine Dentistry

Dr Clinton Float BSc BVMS BAEDT

Dr Clinton Float is a qualified Equine Veterinarian who provides the highest level of care in all areas of equine dentistry and surgery. We regularly call on Dr Clinton to look after the dental health of our horses – he can always be counted on for routine and advanced dentistry, as well as other veterinary treatments including oil and worm drenching, vaccinations and microchips.

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McLaren’s Contracting

Tim Boyland & Fleur Robinson

Whenever we need help with general farm management – from fencing to slashing to seeding – we call upon this family owned and operated agricultural contractor. McLaren’s Consulting is renowned for its biodynamic farming experience, which aligns perfectly with our Equiculture philosophy here at Arcadia Valley Agistment.

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Kiss Horsecare

Sandy Hall & Kerri Gibbs

KISS Horsecare is about the big-picture! Environment to hooves, diet to exercise and not forgetting the mind and body – optimal horse health is achieved when an holistic approach is taken. This approach fits perfectly with what we do at Arcadia Valley Agistment.

Sandy is a qualified Certificate 3 Hoof Care practitioner (ACEHP) and Equine Sports Massage therapist with experience in tissue mobilisation techniques. Kerri has qualifications in Equine Sports Massage, Tissue Mobilisation and Equi-Taping, also having participated in further studies of the Masterson Method amongst other modalities. Both Sandy and Kerri are studying nutrition with Dr Eleanor Kellon.

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Feed Your Steed - Equine diets based on science

Jill Davies MSc Equine Nutrition, BSc (Hons) Equine Science

Having been involved with horses all her life, Jill is a respected equine nutritionist with a particular interest in equine gastric health. She takes a holistic approach in recommending the most suitable diet for each of our horses – taking into account everything from their age and body condition, to physical needs and emotional temperament. We rely on Jill’s expertise to ensure that all of our horses have the best possible, individualised diet.

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Curulli Meadow Hay

Paul, Phil & Emma Curulli

Curulli Meadow Hay is grown with your horse’s nutritional and dental needs in mind. Tested annually to ensure that it meets the highest nutritional standards, Curulli Meadow Hay is renowned for its high mineral content and low sugar levels. It combines a perfect mix of rye grasses and clovers, and is ARGT (Annual Rye Grass Toxicity) tested to ensure no risk to your horses. At Arcadia Valley Agistment, we call on the family team at Curulli Meadow Hay to supply feed for our horses.

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AMT Equestrian Services

Andrew & Maike Turnbull BSc BVMS (Hons) LLB (Hons)

Husband and wife team Andrew and Maike Turnbull share a passion for horses and a belief in horsemanship involving the whole horse. Their combined horse training, coaching and holistic veterinary skills empower them to help horses and their humans. AMT visit Arcadia Valley regularly and are available to work with your horse and provide holistic veterinary advice.

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Meet the people who help us give your horse the best possible life.
holistic horse care

There are a number of high quality equine vets in the area that provide exceptional care

"Nothing but the best for your horse"

We partner with people who understand the unique needs of horses and provide exceptional and reliable services.

Our Services


Ideal for retirees, growing youngsters and extended holidays.


All of the following are included so that your horse can enjoy their best life with a high level of care and you can have complete peace of mind:


Full board, natural, sustainable and ethical agistment

Small herd environment with freedom, friends and forage

Daily supervision - checking on emotional, physical and mental wellbeing (including things like anxiety, discomfort, pain, herd dynamics, weight, gut health)

Carefully managed equine pastures - diverse, rotated and cross grazed

1.2km track that connects the grazing paddocks to the loafing area and winds past orchards, headlands and up and down hills

Fly spray and fly masks in summer

Ad lib salt lick

Booking trimmer, dental vet, bodyworkers, vet, trainers and collecting FEC / FECRT samples

Liaising with the above on issues specific to your horse

Handling your horse for routine trimmer, dentist (annual)

Management of minor first aid / health issues and dispensing simple medications

Love, scratches and carrots

Photos, videos and updates

$70 per week


$20 per week ad lib, low sugar, tested Curulli Meadow Hay (Because we think it is the best horse hay in WA)

$10 per week Trim. The trims are every 5 weeks and this ensures that all horses are trimmed to a regular schedule and that the trimmer is paid on time for her excellent work.


Feed Options

All of the horses have a daily hard feed fed in nosebags. This maintains herd harmony and safety at feed time.

Choose a diet that suits your budget and your horse from a feed that is simple chaff, a basic diet or a custom diet and minerals from Feed Your Steed that is balanced to the hay and pasture and is seasonally adjusted. We are happy to help you come up with the best option for you and your horse.


We know it is important to you that your horse receives the best care possible. We recognise that some horses may have specific needs or require a little more support from time to time. We are happy to assist you with the following as needed at an extra cost:


Additional trimming / rehabilitation

Medications and treatments

Transporting your horse to the property

Extra daily feeds and supplements

Handling for bodywork and vet visits

Training if required / requested

Winter rugging (1 rug)

Any other management requirements specific to your horse

Natural, ethical, boutique horse agistment

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