A natural passion for horses


Annetta has been passionate about horses all her life. Growing up on a farm surrounded by ponies, farm horses and off-the-track thoroughbreds she spent her childhood immersed in all aspects of horse management and care.


Today, her love of horses has evolved into a passion for ensuring that the horses in her care are happy and healthy. To achieve this, she has studied the science behind horse management; she consults with experts in nutrition, horse behaviour, land management, hoof care and holistic therapies. In order to stay current she continues to study the science behind best practice in all aspects of horse care.


Annetta has also attended courses in nutrition, gut health, biomechanics, hoof trimming, holistic first aid and uses a gentle and positive, welfare based approach to training and interacting with horses.


By choosing to agist at Arcadia Valley Agistment, your horse will join Annetta’s own horses – Montego, an Andalusian, and Clara, a Friesian X – and receive the same quality of care and attention she gives to her own horses. You horse will become a part of the Arcadia Valley family.

A natural environment for horses


Arcadia Valley Agistment, owned and managed by Annetta Bellingeri, follows the principles of  Equiculture  to create a natural environment that horses thrive in.


The ideally located property is on the banks of the Preston River just outside Donnybrook. The 50 acres are perfectly suited for a small herd of horses with plenty of quality grazing land, water, space for the horses to move as well as access to premium equine services.


The property is a well tended work in progress. Annetta believes in observing the horses at different times of the day and in different seasons, to see where they naturally choose to sleep, rest and shelter. Based on these observations, she adds new facilities, paddocks and tracks to suit the horses’ needs.

grazing land for horses
ethical horse agistment through equiculture

"The ideal home for your horse"

At Arcadia Valley Agistment, your horse will receive exceptional care and attention, enjoying a stimulating, friendly environment that meets their equine needs, naturally.

Natural, ethical, boutique horse agistment

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